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Who doesn’t love receiving jewelry as a gift? Our genuine olive wood cross jewelry and charms are a hit with both men and women, young and old. Wearing cross jewelry is a symbol of our faith. But when the crosses are crafted from authentic olive wood from the land where Jesus lived, they have an even deeper meaning.

Made in Bethlehem, the very place where Jesus was born, these crosses all have unique designs due to the dark grain that is part of the heart of the olive wood. The wood of the olive tree is one of the hardest woods on earth. That means these carved crosses will last a lifetime.

Back in the time of Noah, the olive tree represented peace and the end of God’s anger with His people. The dove was sent out from the ark and returned with an olive branch (Genesis 8:11). Jesus prayed under an olive tree in the garden of Gethsemane and was later crucified on a cross made of olive wood.

Olive wood jewelry and charms are not just beautiful symbols of faith; they are a part of the story from the Holy Land where Christ lived and died. The empty olive wood cross is a true representation of His resurrection.


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