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Olive Wood Crown Of Thorns From Bethlehem


Are you looking for a unique item to decorate your home? Do you want to show off your Christian pride? An olive wood crown made from wood found in Bethlehem is a beautiful way to represent the death and rebirth of Christ.

What is the story of the crown of thorns?

In Matthew, the Bible states that captors put a crown of thorns on Jesus's head. The branches were meant to cause emotional and physical pain. Jesus wore this crown until his crucifixion. After his death, the original crown was said to be torn to pieces and thorns sent to countries as far as Germany and France. The olive wood crown represents great suffering at the hands of people who did not believe in Christianity and those that felt Jesus was no king to the Jewish people.

olive wood crown

Unique craftsmanship provides Christians with a holy treasure

Every year, the artisans in Bethlehem gather the wood clippings from pruning the olive trees in the city. Specialty carvers handcraft each replica using the wood from the Bethlehem Olive Wood Tree and the Euphorbia Milii Plant to create a unique gift option.

Each crown is treated with care and painstaking attention to detail to give you a custom artifact that you can be proud to show off in your home, church, or office.

Why is the olive wood crown important?

Using this symbol is a physical representation of the suffering of the son of God. People often add a purple cloth or put the crown of thorns on top of a cross symbolizing Jesus's crucifixion. You can also use this authentic item atop your Christmas tree to show others your pride in Jesus and his sacrifice for the world. The crown comes in two sizes. The smaller one is meant for decorating walls, crosses, trees, and tables. The larger crown has another purpose. It is to use in Easter and Christmas plays. An authentic crown adds a mystique to the show making the show come alive.

olive wood crown

What makes this replica a piece to love?

People connect with objects that come from the Holy Land. The beautiful representation of the pain Jesus went through for each of us is adherent in the Bethlehem olive wood crown.

Each Bethlehem crown comes with a Certificate of Authenticity proving that the relic is crafted with real wood from the region. Choosing a true piece of Christian history is a magnificent way to show someone you care by offering them a gift from the holy land. The handcrafted item will be a welcome present for anyone who believes in the crucifixion of Christ. This heartwarming item is a wonderful idea to offer to fellow church members during the holidays too.

When adding this replica to your home, you may want to use the crown as a centerpiece, or you can add it to other items like crosses or purple cloths to represent Christ. You can use the crown to symbolize the resurrection of Christ at Easter or to symbolize your faith during the holidays.

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