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Statues exhibited in our homes and offices reveal to others things that are important to us. When these statues depict our faith, it opens the door to conversations about why we believe what we believe.

Religious statues carved out of genuine olive wood from the Holy Land add a rich dimension to our displays of faith. These beautiful statues depicting the Holy Family are sure to inspire and comfort, especially as you look at these wonderful images of Joseph, Mary, and the baby Jesus huddled close together as a family or with the parents standing and gazing down in awe at the babe in the manger.

The olive wood statue of Jesus with children illustrates the kindness and gentleness of the Good Shepherd as he gathers the little ones into his embrace.

For those who are inspired by angelic beings, the olive wood angels are especially significant because the wood used for the carvings comes directly from Bethlehem where the angels gathered to celebrate the birth of the Messiah.

No matter what your inspiration, nothing depicts it better than when finely carved into the wood of the olive trees from the Holy Land.


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