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Olive Wood Rustic Ornaments

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Do you know someone whose house is more rustic than elegant? Whose décor is down-to-earth and woodsy? Then these olive wood rustic ornaments are the perfect gift. The Christian symbols carved into the olive wood vary from Christmas to Easter season, from Bethlehem to Golgotha.

Using a scroll saw, the olive wood rustic ornaments retain the natural bark of the olive tree. The color of the wood varies, as the dark grain differs from piece to piece. No two ornaments are exactly alike, which adds to the appeal.

Recognizing someone else’s taste in decor and buying gifts for them accordingly is one of the kindest things you can do during gift-giving season. Ornaments are practical gifts. They are inexpensive, yet their value lies in what they represent to both the giver and the recipient. Why not start an ornament-giving tradition with friends and family?


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