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Olive Wood Rosaries

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A symbol of faith and a source of hope and comfort, olive wood rosaries are sure to be treasured possessions. Starting with the smallest (2.5 inches in length) olive wood finger rosary to the 22-inch olive wood rosary containing water from the Jordan River, there is a gift for everyone who embraces the Catholic faith. There are olive wood wrap bracelet rosaries with round beads and oval beads, as well as rosaries on silver plated chains.

The olive wood rosary with a centerpiece containing soil from Bethlehem is simply stunning. Hand made in the Holy Land, no other type rosary could draw you closer to the place where Jesus was born than this one. With each decade separated by a Saint’s medal, the 21-inch olive wood oval rosary also contains soil from the Holy Land.

Jesus prayed under an olive tree in the Garden of Gethsamane. The next day, he hung on an olive tree cross. Olive wood rosaries bring you closer to the traditions as well as the actual land where the Christian faith was born.


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