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Olive Wood Nativities with Stables

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Away in a manger, no crib for a bed. The Nativity story is written on our hearts. It is both simple, as in the song “Away in a Manger,” and earth shattering, in that the birth of the Messiah changed history forever! No event has ever been quite so unexpected, despite the prophecies. While the Jewish people were expecting their Messiah to be a king, instead He came as a baby, born in a lowly stable.

For us, that stable represents hope. From tiny babe, asleep on a bed of hay, to the risen King of Kings, the story begins in a stable in Bethlehem. How fitting to represent this magnificent day with carved replicas made of olive wood from the Holy Land. From simple designs to ones more intricate, each of these olive wood Nativities with stables reminds us of the reason we sing, “Joy to the World!”

Joseph and the blessed Virgin Mary adoringly gaze at their son, the Savior of the world. The scene inspires awe from each of us. The olive tree bears much fruit, so it is fitting to use its wood to carve the baby Jesus, reminding all of us of the fruit He would bear.


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