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Olive Wood Laser Cut Ornament

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Engraved with precision, these olive wood laser cut ornaments are simply stunning. Whether you choose a flat design or one of the many 3-D olive wood ornaments, you will be delighted with the detail and fine craftsmanship. Each ornament features a unique design made in Bethlehem from wood from Holy Land olive trees.

Pruning the olive trees provides a healthier growth for the trees. When the branches are dried properly, they become the perfect wood for carving. You’ll notice that none of the olive wood laser cut ornaments have any cracks or splits in them. That’s because the wood from the olive tree is ideal for these types of designs. The older trees have darker grains while the younger trees are lighter. Because of this, each olive wood laser cut ornament is different – there are no two alike!

If you’re looking for a unique gift that will be quite the conversation piece, look no further! These olive wood ornaments fit the bill perfectly!


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