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Olive Wood Box and Rosary Set

It can be difficult finding the perfect gift for someone’s first Holy Communion. But your search is over! This olive wood box and rosary set will be treasured for a lifetime! Hand crafted from the wood of an olive tree in the Holy Land, the round box and olive wood beaded rosary signifies the history of the Christian faith.

The olive tree, representative of the Holy Land, is known as “The Sacred Tree” and “The Tree of Light.” Jesus himself referred to olive trees in the Holy Bible and was crucified on a cross made from an olive tree. An olive branch has been a symbol of peace since the dove returned to the Ark following the flood.

The olive wood box twists open to reveal the rosary made with carefully made beads from the olive tree. A chalice and rosary are engraved on the round lid. Each set comes in a velvet bag and includes a Certificate of Authenticity. Nothing could be better than commemorating a first Holy Communion with an authentic olive wood box and rosary set from the place where Jesus was born.


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