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Olive Wood Beads

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When it comes to crafting and jewelry making, nothing adds more depth and beauty than olive wood beads, rich with the distinctive markings from the grain of the olive tree. Not only are wood beads beautiful, they also are full of meaning and tradition you won’t find with plastic beads found at the craft store.

Olive trees are steeped in stories from Biblical days, from the time of Noah to the parables, and ultimately the crucifixion, of Jesus of Nazareth. After 40 days of rain, Noah sent a dove from the ark to see if there was any dry land. Eventually, the dove returned carrying an olive branch – a symbol of peace and restoration between God and man. Since then, the olive tree has been known as “The Peace Tree.”

It is also known as “The Sacred Tree.” When Jesus slipped off to the Garden of Gethsemane to pray on the night before he was killed, he knelt under the shelter of an olive tree. The tree has other names as well, including “The Tree of Legends” and “The Tree of Lights.” Plastic beads are just that – plastic. No legends, no rich history.


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