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Olive Wood 3-D Ornaments

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What could be better than olive wood 3-D ornaments in designs such as angels, Christmas trees, Nativity scenes, crosses, and more? Being able to spin the 3-D ornament and see it from multiple sides is simply delightful. Children will love adding these unique ornaments to the Christmas tree. Take the time to tell a story about the angels who appeared to the shepherds or who the people are in the Nativity scene, and they’ll remember the story every year when you pull out the olive wood 3-D ornament to hang on the tree. Having a visual that they can touch will help them to retain the Christmas story for the rest of their lives.

All of the 3-D ornaments are carved from the wood of an olive tree in Bethlehem. The trees are not damaged in any way; rather, for their benefit, they are pruned. The branches are then dried in a dark place, free of moisture, for a long period of time. When they’re completely dry, they’re ready for carving and these beautiful olive wood 3-D ornaments are the result.


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