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Museum Quality Carvings

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Rich in story, these museum quality carvings show off the exquisite designs of craftsman who appreciate the beauty and unique qualities of premium olive wood from Bethlehem. Each piece tells a story, from the fisherman casting their nets to Jesus as the good shepherd, to the heartbreaking crucifixion scene. The Gospel stories are retold in these remarkable depictions, hand crafted from the wood of the very olive trees that surround the countryside of the Holy Land.

The olive trees are often mentioned in the Bible, so it is appropriate that these statues are carved from the trees that have held significance throughout history. Olive tree wood was used for carvings in I Kings. There were two cherubims carved from olive trees, along with doors and temple posts. The cross used for the crucifixion of Christ was made from olive trees as well.

The trees themselves are not damaged or destroyed in order to create these museum quality carvings. They are made from the pruned branches of the olive trees. The wood is dried in dark places with no humidity. Once dried, the wood does not crack or split, making it perfect for carving. The rich look of the wood accentuates the fine craftmanship that goes into each statue.


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