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Home Decor

A touch of olive wood will add richness and tradition to your year-round home decor. An olive wood Bethlehem Star candle holder, for instance, is the perfect setting for a tealight candle which will illuminate each of the six carved points. Our olive wood candle holders, delicately carved with winding spirals, draw your eyes upward to the flames of tall pillar candles reminiscent of the light of God’s grace and love.

Native to the land where Jesus walked, olive wood represents Biblical themes. It is often referred to as “The Tree of Light.” Imagine sitting in a room, lit only by candles contained in carved olive wood, sharing some of the many stories of olive trees from the Bible. Israel itself was referred to as an olive tree in Jeremiah 11:16 because the trees shed light on all, just like the pillars atop these stunning olive wood candle holders or the flickering flame of a tealight in the olive wood Bethlehem Star candle holder.

Shed light in your own home with these wooden candle holders crafted from olive wood from the Holy Land. The dark grain designs from the heart of the olive tree will add a richness to your home decor unlike any other.


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