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The Importance of Olive Wood Gifts from Bethlehem


Wooden items made from olive wood in Bethlehem have very special meaning and significance to Christians throughout the world. Because Jesus Christ was a carpenter before beginning his world-changing ministry, he likely worked with this exact same wood in his youth and young adulthood.

What Is Bethlehem Olive Wood?

Olive wood from Bethlehem, as the name suggests, is wood from the abundant olive trees in the area of Bethlehem in Israel. These olive trees have grown in the area since around 4000 BC. These trees often live for hundreds and thousands of years, developing a distinctive patina and appearance. The finished wood has a marbled pattern that can include colors such as cream, gray, deep brown, and black.

Bethlehem olive wood nativity set

Olive wood trees supply people in Bethlehem with olives and olive oil. The wood also has a variety of historic uses, for homes, furniture, and decorative items. Today, modern people from throughout the world can also enjoy a variety of items using this tree including Bethlehem olive wood nativity sets.

The Significance of Olive Wood Nativity Sets

Bethlehem nativity sets are popular for a variety of reasons. There is a huge amount of significance to any item made with this unique wood, but especially a nativity set or other religious item. First, Jesus Christ is believed to have prayed under an olive tree before he was crucified. Second, the Romans often used abundant olive wood to make crosses, so there is a good chance that this is the wood used for the crucifixion. This wood was part of many of the most important milestones of Christ's life, so many Christians prefer to make it part of their celebrations as well. Bethlehem olive wood nativity sets give people a piece of Christian history to treasure in their home.

In addition, there is a great deal of lore surrounding the olive trees in this region due to their unique life cycle. When an olive tree is around two centuries old, a new shoot springs from its base. The old tree is replaced by this new shoot. For this reason, many people call this tree "immortal." The continuous rebirth of this tree is seen as symbolic of the rebirth of Christ as well as of Christians when they are born again.

A Gift to Treasure

Due to the great deal of lore and symbolism, gift items such as olive wood nativity sets are a treasured item for many Christians. People may buy them for themselves as a special family heirloom or as a gift for other people. Either way, Bethlehem nativity sets ensure that the meaning of Christmas is always on display. It is impossible to ignore the powerful symbolism and equally powerful message of items made from Bethlehem olive wood.

Bethlehem olive wood

Whether you are looking for a cherished family heirloom or a special gift with deep religious meaning, there is no gift quite like this one. These items are bound to please every Christian who wishes to learn more about the history and meaning of their faith.


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