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Olive Wood Handicraft from Holyland Bethlehem


Why the Bethlehem Olive Tree is our choice for artistic creations:

Since 1880, our family has been a dedicated provider of holy items made from superior qualities of olive wood. To preserve the artistic lifestyle that we hold so dear, every October, we gather the olive trimmings from the Bethlehem Olive Trees.

These pieces of wood let us craft unique artefacts and holy replicas like the hand carved olive wood nativity set for your home. Several generations have kept the ethereal artwork alive letting you bring a piece of the Holy Land to your home and heart.

Hand carved olive wood nativity set 

Choosing our authentic gifts allows us to continue offering religious artwork for the world to enjoy:

Our Christian family has spent several generations honing our skills and creating wondrous works of art from the branches of native olive trees. We believe our creations will help you find peace and comfort in sad and happy times. We want you to enjoy having a sculpture or piece of art like the Olive Wood Nativity Set.

You can relive the birth of Jesus with a stunning 3-D representation of the Holy Night when Christ was born. We use original, Holy wood to give you a connection to Christ and Bethlehem.

Bethlehem Olive Wood Nativity Sets

Celebrate the birth of Lord Jesus with our beautiful olive wood nativity set made in Bethlehem. These hand-carved Bethlehem olive wood nativity sets let you put Christ back in Christmas. These are also best suitable for display in any church, home, place of business or store displays.

Hand carved nativity set

This Bethlehem nativity set is not only a perfect addition to your Christmas decor, but it is also an incredible gift idea. Consider our olive wood nativity set for a wedding gift to a special friend and it will be cherished for a lifetime.

Selecting an olive wood nativity set shows your pride in Christianity:

When you choose a gift like our hand carved olive wood nativity set, you know that your children will learn the true meaning behind Christmas. Our nativity scenes make excellent gifts for church members and friends. Giving an authentic gift made from real Bethlehem Olive Trees is meaningful and comforting. 


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